Your Body is a Hydration Station

staying hydrated the key to mental and physical wellbeing

Humans are roughly made up of 70% water. This is only one of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of reasons you should be consuming a daily intake of water. Drinking water helps your body metabolize stored fats and aids in maintaining proper muscle tone. Water is the single most important compound necessary to support living organisms. Virtually every function of the body requires water in some way.

Most importantly, drinking water helps prevent dehydration, which can have detrimental effects on the body.

Dehydration can affect your body in more ways than one, leaving you with low energy, headaches, brain fog, cramps, hunger, bloating, dizziness, trouble focusing and more. It’s important to remember to drink water when you are physically active, fighting a cold, in hot climates, frequently urinating or sweating — the list goes on.

In addition to staying hydrated, drinking water every day offers a number of health benefits. Proper hydration can increase energy levels, improve digestion, balance pH in the body, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, relieve constipation, help migraines and promote collagen production. You can also get fluids from certain foods that have high water content like celery and cucumbers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2005 to 2010, American youth drank an average of 15 ounces of water and adults in the U.S. drank an average of 39 ounces of water in a given day. Due to the fact that it is still unknown how much water should be consumed daily; it is suggested that humans should be consuming half of our body weight in ounces of water a day.

Water can help improve your overall quality of life and help to relieve you of accumulated toxins, high body temperatures and even sickness. Consider carrying a bottle of water around with you. Maybe even add a wedge of lemon or cucumber for a little flavor, which may help you drink more. The next time you’re tired and want to grab that extra-large cup of coffee, opt for a bottle of H2O too. It could help wake you up more than you know!

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