Our Mission

The mission of Great Lakes Bay Health Centers is to provide excellent health care to individuals and communities, especially those who are underserved, uninsured or underinsured. The services provided are sensitive to the needs of the community, are not based on ability to pay and are offered without regard to criteria such as race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our Vision

We change lives because we care.

Guiding Principles

Based on our mission statement, GLBHC is committed to:

  • Excellence
  • Dedication to Employees, Family and Community
  • Convenient and Welcoming Health care Centers
  • Focus on Considerate, Respectful and Non-Judgmental Environment for All
  • Optimistic Forward-Thinking Perspective
  • Community Collaboration and Education
  • Respect for Diverse Cultures and Different Languages
  • Caring, Courteous, Coordinated, Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Services
  • Committed to Improving the Health of our Communities