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Great Lakes Bay Health Centers is on the front lines of the COVID-19 response, providing outpatient medical, behavioral health and emergency dental care to those in most need. Our centers around the region are open for patients and are helping to reduce stress on area hospitals. To protect the health of our staff and patients, we are adapting daily to changing needs. At the same time, we will be able to carry these lessons forward to build for the future.

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Telehealth: We have shifted many visits to virtual visits through Zoom calls to help patients stay home and still receive care. We have dozens of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, social workers and psychiatrists who are consulting with hundreds of patients this way.

Emergency dental services: We are one of the only locations for residents who have immediate dental treatment needs, including pain and infections. Hospitals are sending patients to us to keep these people out of the emergency rooms.

COVID Sample Collection Sites: We are partnering with local health departments to provide drive-through sample
collection sites in parking lots at our centers. Patients must have a lab order from a provider for a test because testing supplies are limited. We started on March 24 in Saginaw and have seen more than 160 patients so far. A collection site started in Bad Axe on April 1. Another is in the works in Bay County.

Support for patients in need: We are available to residents who don’t have a primary care provider and are
experiencing symptoms. New patients wanting to establish care related to COVID Symptoms and/or known exposure should call (989) 753-6000 for assistance. We also are temporarily waiving the nominal fee charged to patients who are uninsured. Staff are even decorating our doors with signs of hope. We are in this together.

How You can help change lives:

We are so thankful for our partners and community supporters! You have provided in-kind donations of food to staff, supplies for our collection sites and much more. We continue to face challenges. We are experiencing a loss in revenue with fewer patients able to come for visits. At the same time, our centers are facing increased expenses – with the demand for personal protection equipment and with the collection sites where we receive no reimbursement. We are in need of protective gowns, face shields and hand sanitizer, as well as financial support.

Please consider making a donation at  www.greatlakesbayhealthcenters.org/donate

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